Razz Poker In 2010

Razz poker has easily been the biggest gainer out of the three stud games. This is especially true for Razz poker tournaments. At Poker stars for example there is a big guaranteed event for each stud game as I mentioned above.

The stud and stud hl events only have $5,000 prize pools while the razz poker tournament is double that at $10,000. I would say there are 50% more razz poker tournaments than 7 card stud or stud 8 or better.

Stud Poker In Mixed Poker Games

Mixed poker games have exploded in 2008-2009 as well. Every major mixed poker game these days includes at least one stud poker variant, if not all three. H.O.R.S.E poker has been the most popular mixed game for the last 50 years and it includes all three.

In 2010, two new variants have taken the lead and they include all three as well, 7-Game Mix and 8-Game Mix. As mixed games grow the stud games will gain more traffic as players fall in love with them or just want to become better players so they can compete in the mixed games.

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