Hottest Form Of Online Gambling

Perhaps the question I get asked the most is If I asked you what is the most popular form of online gambling What do you think is the answer? Sports betting, poker or perhaps even online casino games such as those offered by 32Red Casino?

If any of those were your answer then you are wrong. The most popular form of online gambling in the UK is in fact bingo!

The main reason online Bingo has become so popular simply because for the first time this is a form of gambling that women are keen to play. Visit any online bingo hall and you will see that most of the players are women. So bingo is being used as a ploy to attract women to the world of online bingo.

Bingo has also shaken off its aged image. Just a few years ago many classed bingo as a game played mainly by the over 50’s although this is now no longer the case. Most online bingo sites have signed up well known celebrities to endorse their sites.

There has never been a better time to sign up to an online bingo site as the fight for new customers is to say the least fierce. My top pick for a UK online bingo site would have to be Jackpot joy Bingo simply for their great sign up bonus, free games and superb customer support.

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